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A world-class community of exceptional leaders equipped and empowered to set the standard for DEI excellence in European tech

Diverse Leaders in Tech gathering and networking event

Our Mission

We are striving to change the face of tech in the Netherlands and beyond through a new wave of diverse leadership. By 2030, our community aims to transform the tech industry by normalising data-driven DEI, enhancing cultural, gender, and neurodiversity representation, ending workplace discrimination, fostering LGBTQI+ safety, retaining international talent, and mitigating AI bias through comprehensive education and allyship.

DEI is a business enabler

Whether it’s in the workplace or society at large, we all have a responsibility to work towards a more inclusive and equitable future. DEI is a real business enabler. It’s not a nice-to-have if you are in technology, it’s a must-have.

Ingrid Tappin – Director Diverse Leaders in Tech

How we support intersectional tech leaders

We offer a variety of support for intersectional leaders to connect with peers on a professional, personal, and purpose-driven level and help leaders and companies integrate DEI into their business & talent attraction strategy from the get-go. 


Join a vibrant network of tech innovators and leaders, embracing diversity as our strength. Connect, collaborate, and grow with peers who share your vision for a more inclusive tech world.


Measure your success against the best with our comprehensive benchmarks tailored for diversity in tech. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding where you stand in a rapidly evolving industry.


Empower your journey with our DEI Toolbox and resources designed for diverse tech leaders. Learn from industry experts and gain insights that drive both personal and professional growth.


Get expert advice tailored to fostering diversity in your tech teams and projects. Our diverse team brings unique perspectives and strategies to elevate your DEI efforts.


Experience transforming events that bring together diverse minds in tech. Engage in dynamic discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities that spark innovation and change.

Partner with us

Collaborate with us to make a lasting impact in the tech community. Partnering with us means joining forces to create a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative future in tech.

What our members say

Our community is a vibrant mosaic of individuals from varied backgrounds and experiences, all bound together by a shared passion for advancing diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.

Christian Tran, HR Business Partner at United Legwear & Apparel Co.

Gwen Kolader, Global Head DE&I at Hexaware & Mobiquity

Gabriel Mayrink, CRO at Zeta Alpha, AI Entrepreneur

Our Memberships

Join before the 1st of March to receive a 100% discount on your membership during our 2024 kick-start period. Value: €750,-

DEI in Tech Summit

DEI in Tech Summit is our cornerstone event that reflects our commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the tech industry. By focusing on tools and strategoes for the practical implementation of DEI, we aim to amplify our impact, reaching a broader audience and integrating DEI best practices more deeply into the tech sector.


State of Inclusion in Dutch Tech Report

While measuring matters, the challenge lies in the tech industry’s reluctance to adopt data-driven DEI practices. Our ‘Inclusion in Dutch Tech Survey’ delves into the perspectives of tech talent, revealing a significant perception gap in DEI.

D&I in Digital Benchmark Report

We’re excited to share the 2023 edition of the Dutch D&I in Digital benchmark report of Diversity Hero in partnership with Taskforce & Techleap.nl and supported by Booking.com and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Download the full report and join us in this crucial mission for diversity and inclusion in the Dutch tech industry. Together, we can create a more inclusive, innovative, and vibrant future!

Our Partners

Meet the team

Joël Letang

Joël Letang

Community Manager
Ingrid van Rest

Ingrid van Rest

Lead Project Management
Zoë Sabajo

Zoë Sabajo

DEI Project Lead
Ingrid Tappin

Ingrid Tappin

Founder & Director Diverse Leaders in Tech
Agnieszka Ambroży

Agnieszka Ambroży

Stevie King

Stevie King

Marketing Lead
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