Meet the 9 scaleups joining the rise programme batch #11

Rise is an exclusive programme for serious tech players. In a trusted environment, the scaleup founders will share and discuss their growth challenges during tailor-made sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and scaling experts. We’re incredibly excited to introduce the nine Dutch scaleups joining the latest batch of’s Rise Programme. As part of the programme, all nine participants will gain access to priceless resources that will empower and unlock the next stages of their growth journey.

BlueRock TMS

BlueRock TMS is an innovative Transportation Management System that provides end-to-end logistics solutions. BlueRock TMS combines logistics operations, optimisation, and data analysis into a singular SaaS platform to make TMS smarter at every step.


Channext provides a software platform for hardware and software vendors that sell their products via B2B channel partners. Vendors like HP and Logitech use their Partner Success Platform to equip their partners with the training, marketing, and co-selling tools they need.


Dyflexis is a leading provider of Workforce Management Software with more than 4000 customers. Their innovative platform simplifies forecasting, scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and payroll processes, making it easier for organisations to manage their employees and optimise their workforce.

Dyflexis scaleup rise programme batch 11

EV Biotech

EV Biotech is contributing to a thriving and more sustainable world by developing fast and effective fermentation processes. With EV Biotech’s use of microorganisms and integrated computational models, fermentation processes can be designed to be carbon-neutral, or even carbon-negative, through the utilisation of existing industrial waste-streams. This enables EV Biotech’s clients to sustainably manufacture products, including alternative proteins, food additives, perfume ingredients, cosmetic compounds, biomaterials, and more. is a leading private market intelligence platform. Through a unique blend of AI and human intelligence at scale, they provide deep insights into private companies, their owners and industries. Via a user-friendly platform they serve clients around the world who want to find, understand and track companies that matter to them.


Lalaland is a digital fashion model studio that offers AI-generated models to showcase 3D product designs, which promotes inclusivity, sustainability, and a digital-first mindset. Users can create custom avatars, reflecting their desired audience, in under 5 minutes.. Styling garments on lifelike models helps to validate designs early in the process and sell D2C. Founded in 2019, the company aims to diversify the fashion industry and make it more inclusive and curious as well as less wasteful.


ParkBee is a digital platform optimising, expanding and changing the parking industry. ParkBee aggregates demand by leveraging various channels to bring occupancy and revenue to parking supply it unlocks. Meanwhile ParkBee provides consumers with the best price, location, and service, whilst giving back space to cities and their inhabitants.

PastBook scaleup rise programme batch 11 techleap


PastBook removes the hassle of making photo books, so everyone in the world can enjoy them. Their mission is to become the go-to photo book destination for people who don’t want to spend their time making photo books. PastBook’s photo platform automatically and intelligently selects the best photos from your smartphone or social media, and instantly arranges those into a beautiful photo product. These are then printed and shipped worldwide via a global printing network.


Workwize is a B2B software company that provides an efficient solution for managing remote office equipment for a distributed workforce. Their software tool streamlines the entire equipment lifecycle, from sourcing products to reintegrating used products. By automating this process, Workwize helps companies save time and money, while ensuring their employees have access to the equipment they need to work effectively from anywhere.

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