The Scale Lab podcast

The Scale Lab is an original Techleap podcast on how to scale up your company beyond the Netherlands by deconstructing the entrepreneurial journeys of the leading founders from our ecosystem. Available on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts.

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Episode #1

Constantijn van Oranje and Joe Wilson introducing The Scale Lab podcast

Episode #2

How Taco Carlier revolutionised the biking industry with VanMoof

Episode #3

Michiel Muller on Picnic’s data-driven disruption of the supermarket industry

Episode #4

How Mark de Lange is disrupting the eyewear industry with Ace & Tate.

Episode #5

How Manon van Essen upscaled her homemade vegan pizza into the Magioni brand

Episode #6

How Jitse Groen built to become a leading food delivery player

Episode #7

How Chris Hall shaped Bynder’s success on the global arena as a SaaS company

Episode #8

How Marleen Vogelaar successfully scaled Ziel & Shapeways to the US

Episode #9

How Joelle Frijters brought transparency into the advertising space with Improve Digital

Episode #10

How Robert Vis elevated MessageBird to over $3 billion valuation

Episode #11

How Derek Roos shook up the enterprise application space with Mendix

Episode #12

How Ali Niknam changed the world of banking with bunq

Episode #13

How Pieter van der Does made Adyen one of Europe’s largest fintech unicorns

Episode #14

Special 2021 wrap-up & lessons learned with Constantijn van Oranje & Joe Wilson

Episode #15

From a submarine engineer to a successful CEO, how Sid Sijbrandij redefined the world of SaaS with GitLab

Episode #16

How Yorick Naeff transformed the investing experience of new generations with BUX

Episode #17

Gillian Tans, former CEO & chairwoman of – about the company’s scaling story

Episode #18

Shaping the future of global employment and reinventing the culture of scaling with Job van der Voort, CEO of Remote

Episode #19

The scaling journey of a tech legend: How Corinne Vigreux made TomTom a leading global brand

Episode #20

How Vinted became a global fashion marketplace with Thomas Plantenga, CEO of Vinted

Episode #21

How Maxim Romain transformed the shared micro-mobility industry with Dott

Episode #22

How Rob van den Heuvel built Europe’s #1 shipping platform with Sendcloud

Episode #23

How Dinko Valerio became a Dutch biotech icon with Crucell, ​​ProQR Therapeutics, & Leyden Labs

Episode #24

Discussion with Reid Hoffman, co-founder at LinkedIn and partner at Greylock

Episode #25

CZ, founder and CEO of Binance – how he grew the company into the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume

Episode #26

Special episode with investors Reshma Sohoni, founding partner at Seedcamp & Pieter Kemps, partner at Sequoia

Episode #27

How Andrey Khusid, founder and CEO at Miro, turned sticky notes into a thriving and impactful online collaborative platform

Episode #28

Mette Lykke talking about the Too Good To Go journey and the ambitious target they have to reach by 2025 when it comes to food waste

Episode #29

how Ross Mason took MuleSoft to the next level by being mentored by the right persons and built a strong team around him to take MuleSoft to the next level.

Episode #30

Constantijn van Oranje and Joe Wilson are closing season 3 of the Scale Lab podcast with their main learnings

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