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The State of Dutch Tech is an annual report that is published by Techleap and shared with key stakeholders during our homonymously named flagship event. This event is the catalyst for change in the Dutch Tech Ecosystem to truly drive change where it’s necessary. With a data-driven strategy, the report highlights the current State of the Dutch Tech ecosystem through themes like startups and scaleups, policy, diversity and capital.

Here’s everything you need to know

Annual Report

In this yearly report, we look back at the past year and showcase key figures about the Dutch tech ecosystem.

Annual Flagship Event

The report findings are being presented and discussed during our annual State of Dutch Tech event.

Curated Stakeholders

This yearly event brings together key stakeholders to address pressing challenges within the tech sector and open meaningful discussions.

Download the State of Dutch Tech 2024 report

The State of Dutch Tech 2024 Report Cover

The State of Dutch Tech 2024 report is out now and provides a data-driven overview of all 2023 developments in the Dutch tech sector, compared to other leading tech ecosystems.

Key takeaways from the State of Dutch Tech 2024 report:

  • Dutch tech ecosystem remains strong but shows signs of slowing growth compared to UK and France.
  • Tech companies slowed down hiring, but the Dutch labour market remains tight.
  • Dependency on foreign VC funds for later stage funding highlights the need for improvement in domestic investment.
  • Gender pay disparity remains a pressing issue in the Dutch tech sector.
  • With an increased focus on deeptech from investors, research institutes hold a great potential to create valuable startups.

Explore State of Dutch Tech throughout the years

During the report presentation, at the State of Dutch Tech Event, we bring together a diverse group of stakeholders who are committed to drive change through collaborations. The event brings together all stakeholders within the ecosystem for an event full of sessions, main stage presentation and working groups. From Regional Hubs, to policy makers, to government officials, knowledge institutions, corporates and tech founders.

State of Dutch Tech 2024

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