DEI in Tech Summit

As the very first tech event focused solely on DEI as a business enabler, the DEI in Tech Summit aims to provide a high-end experience tailored to the needs of tech professionals and leaders who seek to deep-dive into the various approaches of DEI and acquire tangible solutions backed by data to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to life in their organisations. Instead of providing mere inspiration, this event is focused on making DEI more tangible.

DEI in Tech Summit Main Stage Opening Session by Ryan Patel

Speaker and programme diversity

Acknowledging the diversity in content consumption, the programme is crafted to cater to various preferences resulting in a multiple-track schedule that runs in parallel. Moreover, sensory-friendly spaces and gender-neutral restrooms are provided for everyone’s comfort.

DEI in Tech Summit audience with diverse participants

DEI in Tech Summit Aftermovie

Programme & details

State of Inclusion in Dutch Tech Report

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