Techleap for Deeptech

We at Techleap are dedicated to empowering founders and building a thriving ecosystem of funding and support for the Deeptech industry. Our goal is to accelerate the creation of Deeptech startups and propel their development into scaleups with global impact.

Scaling Breakthrough Technologies

Deeptech companies develop and commercialise breakthrough technology to solve big societal and environmental challenges. When embarking on the journey of a deeptech venture, it becomes apparent that bringing a technology, like hightech, biotech or healthtech, from research to a scaling business can easily take 8 to 12 years.
To address this issue, we developed a comprehensive database comprising 260 organisations that support deeptech ventures in the Netherlands.

Deeptech Support Organizations

Within our database, we identified 11 types of organisations that offer direct support like entrepreneurial guidance, funding access, business support, knowledge support, space, community, or a combination of these services to deeptech founders in the Netherlands. Download the overview below with clickable logos.

How we support deeptech leaders

Pole Position

Pole Position is a programme connecting you to peers, seasoned Deeptech entrepreneurs and Techleaps experienced and well-connected community.

Academic Startup Competition

The Academic Startup Competition is the place to be for Dutch academic entrepreneurs to compete for a spot in the top 20 of the most promising upcoming science based startups in the Netherlands.

Science to Impact

Genuine knowledge impact occurs in networks on the basis of shared missions and a far-reaching integration of research and entrepreneurship. Become part of this movement and connect your own initiative.

Deeptech Founder Journey

It’s not an easy journey, but with dedication, hard work, and a little bit of luck, you can turn your deeptech innovation into a successful business.


Techleap is on a mission to close the funding gap in deeptech by bringing together the best Dutch deeptech companies and top tier investors, which unites the capital and knowledge necessary to build the future.

Incubators United

Incubators United is a collaboration of public incubators connected to Dutch universities and knowledge institutes.

Meet Your Co-Founder XL

Meet Your Co-Founder XL is a live national matchmaking event to find a promising tech startup to join or to find a co-founder who can strengthen your tech company.

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