The State of Inclusion in Dutch Tech

Cover image of "The State of Inclusion in Dutch Tech" report

Welcome to ‘The State of Inclusion in Dutch Tech’ report, a groundbreaking exploration into diversity and inclusion in the Dutch tech industry. While measuring matters, the challenge lies in the tech industry’s reluctance to adopt data-driven DEI practices. Our ‘Inclusion in Dutch Tech Survey’ delves into the perspectives of tech talent, revealing a significant perception gap in DEI. Different identities yield distinct experiences, underscoring the urgent need to bridge this gap for true inclusion to thrive. Join us in exploring the findings, fostering a tech ecosystem where every individual feels a sense of belonging.

Statistics graph with the text "43% of individuals think that the significance of a diverse workforce is being exaggerated." Another text reads "More men (47%) are sceptical about the importance of a diverse workplace than women (24%)."

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