In this episode, Jitse Groen – founder & CEO of – shares his path of becoming an entrepreneur. He reflects on the specifics of the Dutch mindset when it comes to scaling startups, the approach he took when selecting VC investors, as well as elaborates on the strategy behind the company’s aggressive acquisition and active market expansion. Listen to the episode to discover what made a leading global online food delivery company.

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Jitse Groen – founder & CEO

Jitse Groen (born in 1978) is a highly successful businessman and the founder of Following the merger of Just Eat and in 2020, he is the chief executive of Just Eat, one of the world’s largest online food delivery marketplaces, with operations in 23 countries.

Jitse studied Business & IT at the University of Twente. He started his career during his studies when he launched a startup in web development. In 2000, Jitse founded and launched (at that time still named

Jitse is also a member of the advisory board of Suitsupply B.V. In addition, Jitse was a member of the supervisory board of Funda B.V. until May 2018 and a member of the advisory board of Hotel Booker B.V. until 2017.

Key highlights:

03:05  Jitse  “I was never an entrepreneur, so I taught myself to be an entrepreneur.”

21:03 – Jitse – “Our logos are the same everywhere. However, we have different names in different countries. Now, the advantage is that people think the brand is very local and we are a local business.”

51:26  Jitse  “You have to hire people who are better than you at a certain topic”.

54:03 – Jitse – “I would call myself the captain of the ship”

55:50 – Jitse – “Dutch people are inclined to enter meetings with plan A and plan B. And leave the meeting with plan C – that can never happen”.

60:09 – Jitse – “You need to follow your gut feeling about what’s right for the business and you need to follow that”.

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