Meet Rise Batch #7 Techleap

​​Techleap welcomes ten new scaleups in the first Rise programme batch of 2022. Rise is an exclusive programme aimed at serious tech players in the Dutch scaleup ecosystem with proven solutions that are transforming their respective industries. The nine companies selected for this quarter are: Source, Amberscript, Seenons, Datasnipper, Odyssey Foundation, Pieter Pot, Avy, Dyme, and The Cirqle.

Techleap ensures that the ten selected scaleups have the best learning and network infrastructure at their disposal. Specifically, they gain access to leading experts, networks, and resources to learn from the best Dutch entrepreneurs and grow internationally. The programme also puts scaleups on the global map among corporates, investors, and media. The insights from the programme will also be used to further improve the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands and identify bottlenecks and solutions for the growth challenges of scaleups. Below you will find more information about the 9 newly selected participants:
The Source team for Rise batch 7


At Source, they believe that every person has the right to a healthy diet and a healthy planet. That is why the company develops groundbreaking technology to democratise access to sufficient fruits and vegetables without crossing our planetary boundaries.


Amberscript, founded in 2017 and based in Amsterdam and Berlin, makes audio and video material accessible to everyone worldwide. The company does this by providing accurate, fast, easy, and secure software solutions, such as customer-specific speech recognition engines, an intuitive text editor, and a platform for captioning.

The Seenons team for Techleap Rise batch 7
The Amberscript team for Techleap Rise batch 7


Seenons brings people together for a waste-free world. They use IT and smart logistics to bring companies, transport partners, waste service providers, and municipalities together to enable more sustainable waste solutions and work together towards the circular economy.


Datasnipper is an intelligent audit platform with more than 10 (automation) functions for every audit procedure. They help more than 200,000 auditors around the world to automate their audit procedures.

The Odyssey team for Techleap Rise batch 7
The Datasnipper team for Techleap Rise batch 7


Odyssey is a digital native foundation. It is aimed at enabling everyone – people, organisations, and communities – to shape their future together. At the moment, Odyssey is developing Momentum: a social network metaverse stack for Web3 communities. This network aims at giving the users full ownership of their own data and interactions, as well as enabling them to build their own social network economy. Odyssey was born in 2016 as an incubator for multi-stakeholder collaboration and solutions that bridge the world of large institutions with the emerging Web3 and AI space

Pieter Pot

Pieter Pot is a Rotterdam-based company that delivers groceries in circular, plastic-free packaging right at your doorstep. The company purchases in bulk and then packages the products into reusable jars, which they sell on their website. The customer can return the jars with the next order, which are then cleaned and used again.

The Avy team for Techleap Rise batch 7
The Pieter Pot team for Techleap Rise batch 7


Avy pioneers innovative aircraft technology that is completely autonomous, zero-emissions, and designed to smoothly integrate into their customers’ daily activities, while blending into nature. Founded just 5 years ago, they have become a major innovator in the aviation industry.


Dyme provides instant insights into personal income and expenses and helps users save money. With the Dyme app, you get a complete overview of your finances so that you are always in control of your money. Like established banks, Dyme secures all data with 256-bit AES encryption.

The Dyme team for Techleap Rise batch 7
The Cirqle team for Techleap Rise batch 7

The Cirqle

The Cirqle makes social advertising highly effective by using transactional data to gain audience insights, improve audience targeting, deliver relevant creative experiences, and link impressions to sales, both online and offline.

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