Techleap Rise presents Batch #3! By joining Rise, these 10 Dutch companies will be part of an exclusive group of scaleups and the strongest peer network in the Netherlands. During the programme, they will participate in challenging sessions with scale icons and other entrepreneurs to share their struggles and have the opportunity to learn from each other. We’re delighted to introduce the third batch of the Rise programme companies: BOTS, ChannelEngine, Convious, Crisp, Meetingselect, Media Distillery, SocialDatabase, SwipeGuide, Plotwise, and Wonderflow.


It’s a secret professional traders have known for years – bots are much more savvy than people when it comes to investing money. Today’s investment algorithms are capable of analysing thousands of microtransactions a second, so they make incredibly fast, smart investment decisions. The BOTS app provides everyone with access to these investment bots; all you have to do is download the app, invest a minimum of €50 in your bot of choice and put your feet up. BOTS makes high-quality automatic trading algorithms available to everyone.


ChannelEngine provides stores, brands and distributors with millions of new customers by connecting them seamlessly with huge international marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Google. Rather than having to control each marketplace separately, ChannelEngine is a one-size-fits-all solution that allows you complete control over what’s sold where, whilst using all your own back-end systems. You can even apply channel-specific pricing, currency conversion and a variety of other filters, customisable for each marketplace.


Convious is an all-in-one booking platform for leisure venues that is changing the way people buy tickets. This direct-to-consumer software takes over the booking process for leisure venues like museums, zoos, aquariums and theme parks – with each new customer, Convious’ artificial intelligence learns more about how to engage your visitors and provide them with personalised customer journeys that will help them find the things they want. The result? Better customer experiences, more sales and more feedback, all from a single platform.


Instead of going to the supermarket to buy food that is already several days old, Crisp connects consumers directly with the best growers, food producers and farmers in the Netherlands. The app works like an online supermarket, providing a wide range of choice from over 650 great producers nationwide. Crucially, Crisp only places an order with the producers when it receives an order from the consumer – this means there’s no waste, and the consumer gets their shopping delivered fresh the next evening.


With over 500,000 global meeting spaces catalogued, Meetingselect is the largest meeting distribution system and online venue sourcing tool in the world. Once upon a time, booking a meeting was a laborious process of finding and calling venues to get availability. Instead, Meetingselect brings the whole process online, simplifying not just the booking process but also centralising payments and providing insights into meeting costs in different venues. Meetingselect streamlines the booking process on the venue side too, and provides a package of marketing solutions to help you grow.

Media Distillery

Media Distillery’s complex AI platform is able to analyse videos and recognise all sorts of different visual and audial aspects, including facial recognition, speech and language, different objects, logos, text and even topics such as cooking, exercise and video gaming. This ‘Deep Content Understanding’ produces next-generation metadata, allowing consumers to discover and watch video content more easily than ever before. Media Distillery already works with the likes of Telenet, Eutelsat and YouSee, enhancing the user experience for over 20 million households.


We all love ordering goods for next day delivery, but it presents a significant logistical challenge for many retailers; with more trucks on the road and more deliveries to make, traditional logistics aren’t capable of keeping up with demand. Plotwise uses artificial intelligence to optimise urban deliveries for e-commerce companies. By analysing data, Plotwise can adjust capacity in real-time to avoid empty trucks, plot more efficient routes, and gather feedback from drivers to further optimise the system

Social Database

With around 330 million monthly active users as of 2020, no-one can deny the incredible reach that Twitter has today. The difficulty is filtering out the noise, and getting your message to the people who really need to see it. Twitter’s native targeting options make it difficult for brands to target specific groups of people, but Social Database conducts a much deeper analysis of public Twitter data to create ‘SuperAudiences’ – highly relevant groups that can be custom-built for specific brands and campaigns. By providing a tool to find a highly engaged audience, Social Database makes sure that brands get their message heard by the right people.


After joining forces over a mutual frustration with paper instructions, Daan Assen and Willemijn Schneyder founded SwipeGuide in 2016 in order to change the way companies approach factory-floor assembly in the manufacturing industry. The SwipeGuide platform allows users to create assembly instructions using simple drag-and-drop and editing tools. Each set of instructions can be published in multiple languages, across different platforms and brands, and an analytics platform lets you gather insights and feedback on how the instructions are being used. With the likes of Heineken, PepsiCo, Orkla, and Coca-Cola already on board, SwipeGuide is changing the game for the manufacturing industry.


Customer feedback is a rich source of information, but most companies don’t take full advantage of the feedback at their fingertips. Wonderflow is a simple end-to-end solution that automatically extracts useful information from customer feedback and ratings, and translates it into an intuitive insights package to help companies better understand what their customers are saying. What’s more, Wonderflow’s predictive engine will actually predict how changes to a product, based on customer feedback, will affect the rating of a product. With a burgeoning client list that includes Samsung, Uber, TomTom and Philips, Wonderflow is already making waves in the customer feedback sector.

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