Meet the scaleups in batch 4 of the rise program

We’re thrilled to reveal the latest group of participants enrolled in Techleap’s Rise Programme. Batch #4 features an incredible collection of high-impact tech scaleups, each possessing endless potential within their respective industries.

Techleap presents Rise Batch #4

From environmentally-conscious fashion and logistics solutions, to unmanned convenience stores – each participant joins an exclusive alumni which features the Netherlands’ most exciting young businesses.

All ten companies will gain access to industry-leading experts, networks and resources, as Techleap continues its search for the Dutch unicorns of tomorrow.

We see a huge need for peer connection. With the onboarding of ten new scaleup founders with this Batch, the Rise community is becoming significant. We look forward to seeing them sharing, helping each other and the ecosystem.

Tjarda Voorneman, Lead Rise Programme


Founded in 2017, CodeSandbox’s mission is to make web coding more accessible to all, enabling any creator the opportunity to build, share and shout about their ideas without any restrictions. Through a simple, collaborative platform, CodeSandbox opens up the often intimidating world of web development in a way that allows individuals of all levels to begin constructing with code.


Brenger is a platform that allows consumers and businesses to transport bulky and difficult-to-move goods, by connecting them to the existing routes of professional couriers. Users simply enter their pickup and destination address before being sent contact details and a collection time frame from a nearby courier. The service allows drivers to optimise their loading space while boasting the environmental benefit of encouraging second-hand shopping and recycling.


Since beginning their journey in 2017, Wundermart has been utilising autonomous retail technology to revolutionise the perception of the traditional convenience store. Through unmanned, flexible hybrid stores that cover residential, work and travel environments, Wundermart combines forward-thinking smart tech, with priceless human insight to create a far more seamless shopping experience for the consumer.

The Next Closet

Founded in 2013, The Next Closet is disrupting the fashion industry by giving users the chance to purchase and sell second-hand designer clothing with no hassle. Featuring a collection of more than 1,000 sellers within the platform, The Next Closet ensures an extended lifespan for luxury garments, perfect for anyone looking to save money, while also doing their bit to protect the environment.


Kaizo’s bottom-up performance management platform equips workforces with the tools they need to be more efficient, engaged, and productive. Through an innovative combination of real-time data, AI and gamification Kaizo ensures businesses can be proactive in their performance improvement, drive significant data-driven impact and create a more engaging working environment for their teams.


Through its constantly-growing digital marketplace, Orderchamp is rethinking the traditional wholesale model while placing focus on empowering local retailers across the globe. By connecting independent sellers with potential new brands through machine learning, Orderchamp streamlines both the discovery and purchase of distinctive products, removing the restrictions that come with ordering in unnecessarily high quantities.


Back in 2014, Fixico embarked on a journey to completely reshape the vehicle repair industry, providing the tools it needed to flourish in the digital age. Fast-forward to today and Fixico’s handpicked network of body repair shops sits at 2,500+. The platform ensures drivers can experience an effortless repair journey while allowing mechanics to fully optimise their workshop space all at the touch of a button.


Studyportals helps students to navigate the incredibly daunting task of deciding what and where to study based on their individual needs, goals, and preferences. By bringing this vast array of options into one, easy-to-navigate platform, students can discover the perfect programme for them, and educational institutions can seamlessly tap into a diverse network of 45 million prospective applicants.


For the last two years, Lepaya has been empowering individuals on both a professional and personal level by delivering high-impact, immersive corporate training sessions. Through bespoke programmes that cover a variety of hard and soft skills, Lepaya provides a unique experience dedicated to all-round development.


Relive was born out of a passion for adventure back in 2017, and is now committed to becoming the leading community of outdoor enthusiasts from all around the globe. Whether it’s exploring with friends or training for that next big challenge, Relive allows its nine million users to share, compare and compete, all while capturing and creating unforgettable moments.

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