Techleap art project about the Gen Z workforce

We live in the ‘age of experiences’. Immersive art has become one of the most effective means to deliver a message to modern audiences. As part of our invite-only Bold Community (Now ‘Techleap for Scaleups’) Kick-off event on May 12th, we have prepared an exclusive art experience for our guests to highlight the importance of diverse and inclusive leadership in attracting a Gen Z workforce.

Why did we choose the diversity & inclusion theme in particular?

Hiring tech talent has been a consistent challenge within the Dutch ecosystem over the past years. Startups are forced to compete with tech giants for the same pool of young Gen-Z talent, which makes it especially important for smaller businesses to stand out as employers. Being the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, Gen-Z wants to make a difference and expects the same from companies. In fact, 76% of Gen-Z believe companies should take a stand on social causes, according to VICE Insights Report. Profit is no longer the only goal in impact-driven businesses, and this requires a more balanced leadership style, which is competitive, outspoken, decisive, yet – at the same time – empathetic, vulnerable, and caring. Therefore, with an increasingly more diverse and demanding workforce, such a leadership style becomes a must alongside an inclusive workplace.

Despite all of this, Dutch leadership teams are not changing as much as we hoped they would. Almost half of the Dutch companies don’t have a DEI policy (Discriminatie Arbeidsmonitor 2021 van Nationale Vacaturebank, 2021), and the share of women on boards of listed companies in the Netherlands is only 12% (CBS Emancipatiemonitor 2020 Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, 2020).

Many founders and business leaders still consider DEI a trend, instead of a vital part of building a future-proof company.

An impactful, immersive video installation

Through our art installation, we hope to provide an eye-opening experience for Dutch tech leaders on why balanced leadership is so important for our future and what it should look like. ‘An epiphany moment’ is what we are looking to achieve. Thus, we are aiming to create an impactful, sensory journey through the importance of balanced leadership in getting a competitive edge as an employer.

Techleap's Zoe Sabajo

Leaders have the power to open doors by speaking up and speaking loud on topics that matter to them, their employees, and their communities. They are fundamental in shaping what matters in their companies. They are crucial in giving back power to those who have never had it.

Zoe Sabajo, Diversity & Inclusion Project Manager at Techleap

A tree sculpture as the metaphor for growth

Each chapter of the installation represents a different part of our strategic narrative.

Together, they install a sense of urgency for the need for balanced leadership and DEI. The core of our installation is linear, but we’ll integrate elements that are interactive and/or augmented. We’ll vary in using screens separately or simultaneously in patterns. Additionally, we’ll make use of other FX such as fog, smoke, and sound design.

The core element of our installation will be represented by a ‘tree’ sculpture made of digital screens, where inspirational & informative content pieces on Gen Z values and mentality will be projected on. In this context, the tree symbolises the growth and change that companies have to undertake to remain relevant to the modern workforce.

Throughout our story, the aesthetics of the imagery on the screens evolves, starting from ‘dry mono-culture’ (depleting the soil) to ‘rich biodiversity (balanced leadership)’. The visitors will be able to walk around the space and view the experience from different parts of the ‘tree’ structure.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the installation will look like:

Techleap art project full 360 shot

Post-installation panel

We’ve chosen to use an art installation as a way to convey our story. The main reason for doing so is that it has the potential to hit you differently than more conventional ways of communication. Art requires imagination to digest and despite

the fact that we give very clear cues on what we want people to think, our installation also asks for participation from our audience. For this reason, we will follow up with a guided panel discussion with 4 participants; a leader, a Gen-Zer, one of our crew, and the audience (as in, anyone who joins). The panel will be available to everyone who’s passed the installation at the event.

Curious to experience the installation yourself?

Though access to the art installation will be available to our Bold Community Kick-off guests only, we are looking to digitise this experience in the form of a virtual tour after May 12th, this way making it available to the rest of our community. We recommend you keep an eye out for updates on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram channels to be informed first when the virtual tour becomes available.

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