Techleap for scaleups

Techleap for scaleups is the community for tech founders who are building tech companies that have great economic and societal impact and are aiming to become the next Dutch unicorns.

Let’s master scaling together

We bring together ambitious and diverse peers, fostering mutual learning, providing access to leading experts, and empower the community to raise a loud voice in the tech ecosystem.

Tackling common challenges

Techleap created a unique safe space for founders to find like-minded peers to share, learn and grow faster together. The community and its signature programmes Boost, Rise, and Shine help founders and their C-suite in tackling common challenges, raising a loud voice in the ecosystem and making real sustainable impact together.

Our core values

At the core of this community remain our rock solid values:

  • High trust,
  • Growth mindset,
  • Commitment to giving back to the community,
  • Strict ‘no asshole’ policy.

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Connecting ambitious tech scaleup founders in the Netherlands

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