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Techleap is on a mission to close the funding gap in deeptech by bringing together the best Dutch deeptech companies and top tier investors, which unites the capital and knowledge necessary to build the future. We empower the ecosystem through dynamic online and offline connections for deeptech ventures looking for ticket sizes of 2 million euro and above. It is our vision to be the leading Dutch Capital Catalyst for impactful deeptech investments.

3 things we offer investors

As an investor, being part of our curated network will offer you visibility on high potential Dutch deeptech companies and co-investors. It will allow you to build and nurture these relationships, both on- and offline.

1. Access to curated deeptech ventures

2. Opportunity to network with foreign deeptech VCs

3. An overview of the Dutch deeptech market

Application criteria

Apply in case you are a deeptech investor that:

  • Is a VC, CVC or family office
  • Has a HQ in the Netherlands, Europe or the US
  • Has a mandate to invest in Dutch companies
  • Is actively investing in deeptech 
  • Looking to get an overview of the Dutch deeptech ecosystem 
  • Investing in Series A or above

After your application an international jury of Deeptech experts and investors will assess your fit with the Connector and community based on the following aspects: Team | Scalability | Market readiness | IP and/or uniqueness of the technology | Investability

How does it work?

You become part of our network by signing up below. The Connector team will assess your application and will reach out to you for an introduction call. When you are approved you will receive monthly insights from us. These insights consist of ventures relevant to you and information about events that are coming up to meet new ventures and potential co-investors. 

    1. Sign up below
    2. Our team will review if you are a fit. When approved you become part of our network. 
    3. We will share monthly insights with you 
    4. You’re welcome to join our events and connect with interesting ventures and like-minded investors

Deep tech ventures or also known as knowledge-intensive ventures in the academic world are companies that leverage new technologies. These ventures can come directly from universities or they are spun off from existing companies and research organisations. Deep tech ventures have high potential due to their breakthrough science thus having the potential to revolutionise the industry by creating new industry verticals; examples of these are photonics technologies which created solar-powered transportation and artificial intelligence which accelerated automatisation and processes. However, they are also characterised as capital intensive and risky due to their longer runaway to market application.

No, you receive an overview of companies that are relevant to you, but they don’t see your profile. This provides you with the opportunity to reach out to them when it suits you. In addition, you have the chance of meeting the ventures of our network via the real-life events we host.

No, unfortunately not yet. However, please do contact us if interested by mailing to as we are exploring the possibility.

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