Amsterdam, March 31, 2023 – Techleap, a non-profit organisation that focuses on accelerating the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands, is launching the Diverse Leaders in Tech (DLiT) community. An initiative that focuses on an inclusive and diverse tech sector by 2030. During the launch of DLiT in Amsterdam, one hundred and fifty leaders worked on plans to help improve the diversity of the tech sector – which is currently lacking in representation – and make measurable progress in the next few years.

Only ten percent of all tech founders and co-founders are women. Only two percent of total venture capital goes to women-led companies. Entrepreneurs of color also receive less opportunities. The Dutch sector, certainly at the top, needs to be more diverse. As a result, tech companies are missing out on critical opportunities for growth. Available foreign data shows time and time again that companies that are diverse and inclusive exhibit healthier long-term growth tendencies.

A company that has a tangible DEI policy in place is better able to solve complex problems, which leads to more innovation and often more profit. The more perspectives, the richer the network, the stronger the organization, and more transformative the impact. Diverse and inclusive companies are more likely to successfully translate ideas into a product or workable solution which increases their odds of profitability by 35%. With the impact of diversity clear, it’s time for tech companies to navigate from intention to impact regarding DEI.

Ingrid Tappin, director DEI Techleap and initiator of Diverse Leaders in Tech: “We live in a time of great changes. The energy crisis, climate change, the food crisis, the challenges are enormous, and the tech sector plays an important role in all these transitions. The Dutch sector can be leading, but then it must take a step forward regarding the diversity and inclusion policy pursued. Data collection will be part of that step. In the Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom and the United States, tech companies are collecting more data that provide insight into the effectiveness of their diversity policy, so that companies there can implement more targeted policies. In the Netherlands we hardly do that and that is a missed opportunity. Measuring is knowing. Diverse Leaders in Tech will therefor also focus on measurable progress in the coming years, for example by conducting its own research.”

More than one hundred and fifty tech leaders Thursday March 30, participated in ten different workshops in which ten urgent themes were addressed. From equal pay to more women in tech, combating racism and discrimination in the workplace to the position of LGBTQ+ employees within the sector, participants formulated action points for each issue. The most important points are summarized in the Manifesto, which will provide direction for the necessary progress in the coming years.

Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy Techleap: “An inclusive company culture and diverse leadership are strategic priorities for tech companies if they want to prepare for rapid growth. With DLiT we want to bring together a community of ambitious leaders to promote diversity in the Dutch tech sector together.”

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