Are you working for a startup and looking for funding? Check out Funding Allies. In the Funding Allies overview, you can see, in a blink of an eye, who can help you attract a suitable investor. This can be a consultant to help sharpen your pitch, an advisor who knows all about subsidies, a platform where you get automatically matched with relevant investors, or programmes that will help you get investor ready.

There are 3 categories for startups:

  • Matchmakers: they can assist you personally in attracting a suitable investor.
  • Matchmaking platforms: they connect you with investors online.
  • Investor Readiness Programmes: they help you make the proper preparations to become attractive from an investor’s perspective and receive funding.

Please note: this is an overview, not a rating system (the order is based on signup).

How does Funding Allies work?

You can scroll through the different overviews to see, for example, what their service is, which sector they specialise in and what their cost structure looks like. If you want more information about one of the Allies, you can contact them through their website.

Techleap is independent – we don’t do matchmaking. With this initiative, we simply guide startups to our website where they, themselves, can find the right partner. Check it out yourself.

Please note: this is an overview, not a rating system (the order is based on signup).

Overview Matchmakers

Overview matchmaking platforms

Overview Investor Readiness Programmes

Are you a funding ally?

Are you a Funding Ally? And do you want to be in the overview as well? You can register by filling this form. After you have filled in the form, you need to ask for 3 recommendations from startups. You can send them this survey. If both (survey + 3 recommendations) are completed and match the criteria, you will become visible in our Funding Allies overview.

Share your experience

We want to make sure the startups are getting the level of support they need. If you would like to share your experience about one of the existing funding allies in the overview: please fill in this recommendation form.

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