Techleap is proud to introduce you to the last Rise batch of 2021 – Batch #6. This time we selected 9 highly ambitious scaleups with proven solutions that shake up their respective industries. Within the upcoming weeks, each participant will get a chance to enrich their knowledge in topics such as hiring, leadership, raising funding, and many more! Also, we’ll particularly focus our efforts on providing the necessary networking opportunities for selected companies to help them bring their growth to a new level.

We are very excited to welcome another batch of 9 very ambitious companies, ready to accelerate their scaling and expand their networks. We look forward to bringing them together to share insights and learn from some of the world’s leading Dutch entrepreneurs.

Tjarda Voorneman, Lead of Techleap Rise Programme


FeedbackFruits believes education is the key to solving the world’s biggest challenges, and this drives their mission to help foster a generation of critical and empathic thinkers. Working together with leading universities, the company co-creates pedagogical tooling so teachers can implement world-class learning experiences with 1% of the original workload.


NADUVI is an online home & living outlet platform that offers a prominent off-price selection of furniture brands. In less than two years, NADUVI launched more than 35,000 products and over 200+ different brands in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


Talk360 believes everyone should be connected to the world. We do this by taking a localised approach and building easy-to-use & reliable products. The Talk360 app allows people to make reliable & affordable phone calls to any landline or mobile phone in the world, and their payment platform aims to become the world’s first single checkout combining all local currencies & payments methods for all underserved communities.


TestGorilla provides the best tools to screen candidates, so recruiters can make better hiring decisions faster. They make hiring the best people easy and unbiased, offering screening tests at an affordable price. Using TestGorilla, their customers save valuable time, make hiring decisions objectively, and avoid expensive mis-hires.


VIKTOR makes it easy for engineers and other domain experts to rapidly build and distribute user-friendly web applications, using nothing else but Python. VIKTOR creates powerful apps that integrate with different software packages to automate your workflow and get understandable insights through interactive visualisations.

Their mission is to unlock the world’s real engineering potential by providing a platform that enables people to automate the boring and engineer the awesome!


Returnista operates a return management platform that enables merchants to offer a seamless experience, capture data and drive sales from the returns process.

Returnista sees the returns process as the “forgotten sales channel”. By offering the right product at the right time they can retain up to 40% more revenue for merchants.


Temper is a tech-enabled marketplace for work; connecting freelance professionals to companies in a range of industries including hospitality, logistics and retail. The platform offers companies on-demand workforce planning, direct access to the largest offer of qualified workers, full control over the hiring process, and efficient automated processes. On the other side of the marketplace, Temper empowers people with opportunities by managing work via an intuitive in-app experience. Workers have easy access to the largest offer of interesting jobs, full control over when and where they work, and better earnings.


Optiply is the number one purchasing software provider of over 400 e-commerce customers aiming for a more sustainable supply chain. With their algorithm the company is able to fully automate 90 percent of all purchase decisions, while making sure you have a balanced inventory.


RoomRaccoon was founded by an independent hotel owner who understood the real struggles faced by hoteliers. RoomRaccoon is the only system that automatically optimises your rates according to room-sell-probability in real-time and automatically upsells room upgrades & extras to your guests. The company’s solution was voted Best Hotel Management System in 2020 and 2021.

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