Once again, we are incredibly excited to reveal the latest collection of Dutch scaleups joining the new batch of Techleap’s Rise programme. Each business has been chosen due to its towering potential to shape the future of the Netherlands’ tech ecosystem, more specifically, the FinTech sector. Throughout the Rise programme, each business will gain access to priceless resources, workshops and networking opportunities designed to empower and unlock the next stages of the growth journey.

Bits of Stock

Bits of Stock makes fractional ownership as easy as earning traditional loyalty points. Utilising a rewards-as-a-service platform, brands, FinTechs and loyalty providers can offer their customers alternative rewards like fractional shares of stock and cryptocurrency.

Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity grants lower ticket access to the world’s best climate private equity funds. The platform curates the best funds based on climate impact and financial performance, offering investors the opportunity to expand their portfolio through pioneering climate tech startups and scaleups.


After a passing, Closure unburdens heirs by closing the contracts and accounts of the deceased. The service is free to use for heirs and replaces the front and back-office ‘death notification process’ for organisations like banks, telecom providers, insurers, utility companies and charities.


in3 allows users to spread the cost of essential purchases over three more manageable installments. The service doesn’t incur any interest or extra charges and doesn’t require BKR registration.


Klippa removes the risk of errors while simultaneously improving efficiency by providing AI-powered automated document management, classification and data extraction solutions to global businesses.


Managing vital hotel and restaurant data becomes a painless process with Omniboost’s automation software. Hospitality owners can seamlessly integrate and unify point of sale, property management systems and accounting data, keeping everything in a secure, central space, with real-time, automated statements readily available.


With a mission of democratising the payments world, Payaut is an automated payment solution serving online platforms and marketplaces. Because Payaut’s technology is PSP agnostic, platforms are able to process pay-ins via any payment provider, improving margins and increasing conversion through payment orchestration.


Through a streamlined, user-friendly app that has already been downloaded more than one million times, Peaks is making investing more accessible to all. The easy-to-navigate interface allows users to invest as little, or as much as they like with costs and risks clearly communicated throughout the experience.


Already adopted by 40 of the world’s leading banks, and the go-to for all major Dutch banks since 2017, SurePay’s purpose is to make payments easy, personal and more secure. SurePay’s leading security software leads to an average of 81% fewer fraudulent payments, and 80% less fraudulent onboarding of customers, suppliers and employees.


YourCampus was built to ensure employees get maximum value in terms of rewards and benefits from their employers. Using the YourCampus platform, teams can create a tailored benefits package that is better suited to their needs and passions, in turn enhancing health, wellbeing and morale among teams.

Join our Rise programme

Rise is your one time opportunity to connect with other founders and create together a strong peer community where you can share learnings and get inspired by one another. During the programme, you’ll be able to ask all your questions to seasoned entrepreneurs and gather deep, honest insights about scaling a startup successfully.

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