This past year we’ve seen more than ever the importance of two things, our health and the necessity of technology in our everyday lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that when medical problems are not predictable the fast adoption of innovation is essential. Healthtech startups are at the forefront in helping to bridge new scientific innovations into tangible solutions. Now is the time to support these companies more than ever. In order to do so we need your feedback and opinion so that we work on things that can make a real difference. That’s why we’re collecting further insights via a survey and through that also creating a definitive list of the most promising Healthtech companies in the Netherlands. Showcasing our existing Dutch Healthtech Heroes.

What this means for you

Health is known for its complexity in product development, stakeholders and regulations. With your validation through the survey and programmes, we would like to work with you on how we can improve the Healthtech sector in the Netherlands.

At we’ve seen that when we come together as an ecosystem to focus on the specific challenges that industries or sectors face, we can make more of an impact together. As an organisation, our efforts will be focused on working with the ecosystem to collaboratively build solutions to help accelerate the growth of Healthtech startups.

This is the beginning of that journey as we look to garner deeper insights which you can help to provide via the survey below or share with your network. The next steps after this will be to assess the data, report it back to the ecosystem and then push forward with a range of programmes, resources and events to help solve the challenges found.

In our initial research, has identified possible acceleration through the following ways to collaborate:

  • Connecting multiple players, projects and initiatives
  • Bringing more data insights into the actual state of innovation and making this available to (inter)national experts and relevant investors
  • Providing acceleration programmes to startups that can make a material impact
  • Connecting promising startups with the right investors and VC funds
  • Connecting Dutch LPs to credible VC funds

If you’re wondering how we categorise a Healthtech company, here’s our definition: a Healthtech startup is a company working in medicine that uses technology to prevent, diagnose and treat human diseases. This can be broken down further into the fields of biotechnology, medical devices, health platforms, and pharmaceuticals.

Why Healthtech?

When selecting a particular sector or theme to work on we use a set of criteria and data points. In short, we look at such things as number of startups, amount invested in the sector, the problems experienced, national expertise, and importantly whether we feel value can be added by addressing the sector with our efforts.

With Healthtech we see not only the relevance due to the pandemic but also from an objective standpoint. In 2020, €425M was invested in the market with a higher than average deal size when compared to the national average (€8.0M Healthtech v €5.9M national average for 2020).  We noticed a considerable increase in average round size but not a widespread amount of money filtering through the ecosystem to all stages. This poses a possible threat to the current funnel of startups coming through that will reach scaleup status as the overall number of companies raising has reduced. We also see that the sector struggles to compete financially with its European ecosystem counterparts.

However, we see an environment nationally that can support these companies to make even more of a difference if mobilised.

Work with us

Do you have expertise in the Healthtech sector in the Netherlands, and/or feel like you can contribute towards better impact in this domain? Please fill out the form.

Dutch Healthtech 2021 Report is out!

In this report you will find out:

  • The challenges and opportunities currently faced by startups and investors within the Dutch Healthtech sector;
  • How the Dutch Healthtech sector compares internationally;
  • Measures we need to take to bolster the scaling environment for Healthech startups in the Netherlands
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