We’re beyond excited to welcome the latest batch of participants enrolled in Techleap’s Rise Programme. As this quarter we target our activities towards empowering the Dutch Healthtech sector, Rise Batch #5 features 10 high-impact healthtech scaleups. Batch #5 is represented by unique participants with life-saving solutions that revolutionise our healthcare.

To further empower the scaling ambitions of these ten selected companies, we will make sure to provide them with the best learning & networking infrastructure. Particularly, companies will get access to industry-leading experts, networks, and resources.

Le Quest

Founded in 2011, LeQuest is a multi-vendor specialist for online interactive simulation-based training for the use of medical devices. The company partners with both healthcare institutions and medical device manufacturers. Their training methods are based on modern insights into effective learning methodologies and are as close to a realistic experience as you can get. Most importantly,  the e-training is accessible from any location and without having to take valuable equipment offline. The result is better and quicker trained staff who are proficient in exploiting today’s advanced medical devices to their full potential.


Delft-based Manometric is on a mission to transform orthoses and prosthetics from necessities to products people love to wear. The company was founded by Pieter Smakman and Robin Jones in 2017. Since then, Manometric has built a proprietary 3D Hand Scanner, along with highly innovative brace designs and automation software. They work in close collaboration with medical experts from various orthopedic companies, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals.


Pacmed is disrupting the world of healthtech through its machine learning software that is built to be used in Oncology, Emergency Care and Intensive Care. The company strives to make healthcare a continuous learning network, where the outcome of every treatment directly contributes to the quality and efficiency of the care for the next patient. Pacmed believes in a healthcare system where all patients receive care adjusted to their personal needs and where carers learn from all decisions made within healthcare.

Founda Health

Founda Health is a tech company that builds infrastructure for the global healthcare sector. Healthcare IT systems, applications, and organisations of every size – from startups to large hospitals – use their platform for connectivity. Their mission is to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation through better interoperability in healthcare. The company disrupts the sector by replacing old, expensive, and single-purpose connections with deep and scalable integrations in healthcare IT systems.

Ancora Health

Ancora Health is a comprehensive predictive prevention health platform. More specifically, the platform aims to empower people to take ownership of their health, wellbeing, and performance by providing personalised insights into your body and mind as well as actionable nutrition and lifestyle guidance based on scientific evidence. Their dream is to make a meaningful impact in the lives of a million people over the next five years and make lifestyle therapeutics an integral part of standard care before 2030.


Vivolta is a Dutch medical technology company from Eindhoven, that revolutionises medical devices by facilitating the development of nano and micro fiber-based implants that help the body to heal itself and to form new, healthy tissue.

They enable patients, suffering from impaired quality of life due to congenital defects, trauma or aging, to benefit from the most innovative and sustainable medical solutions.


NewCompliance is a global market leader in interoperable IT platforms and was founded to enable caregivers to significantly improve the quality and safety of healthcare. The company is active in over 35 healthcare systems in Europe and the USA and works together with various international partners, such as MedtronicSkytronPhilips, and CAVA Robotics. Their goal is to empower medical personnel all over the world to optimise safety, efficiency, and satisfaction through our innovative solutions.


DEARhealth is a healthtech company founded in 2011, by senior University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) medical experts to transform healthcare by using AI-powered care pathways for chronic disease management. DEARhealth bundles the experience of expert medical specialists, nurses, scientists, and big-data analytics to improve health outcomes and experiences while reducing costs. The company’s AI-driven service has been successfully implemented in large health systems, in disease areas such as inflammatory bowel diseases, epilepsy, and ovarian cancer.


MRIguidance is a UMC Utrecht spin-off company based in Utrecht that delivers radiologists and orthopedic surgeons radiation-free BoneMRI that visualises and characterises bone structures. Their BoneMRI software solution generates a CT-like image to complement the soft tissue images derived from an MRI scan. This results in the world’s first imaging solution that visualises all human tissue types and it allows for imaging of the bone without the need to expose the patient to harmful radiation.


Prolira is a medical technology scaleup, founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). Prolira team believes that acute encephalopathy and delirium can be treated effectively by designing groundbreaking solutions, such as Prolira-DeltaScan. This solution helps healthcare providers to offer patients the best possible care for acute encephalopathy and delirium. Prolira-DeltaScan was developed because of the clinical need to be able to detect acute encephalopathy and delirium more frequently and at an earlier stage.

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