Rise Batch #10 - overview participants

We’re incredibly excited to announce the ten Dutch scaleups joining the latest batch of Techleap’s Rise Programme, our exclusive scaling initiative for serious tech players. From AI-powered property intelligence and robotic farming, to streamlined molecular diagnostics, all businesses have been chosen due to their towering potential and ability to tackle key global challenges. As part of the programme, all businesses will gain access to priceless resources and tailor-made sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and scaling experts. From finding product-market fit to growing cross-border, Rise helps founders tackle the biggest challenges facing scale-ups.

Rise Batch #10 participant AgXeed


Through an autonomous ecosystem of machines and a cloud-based portal, AgXeed is delivering a more sustainable future for the farming industry and combating the global challenge of increasing food demand. AgXeed’s revolutionary farming bots offer a faster, more precise method of gathering crops, removing the need for heavy machinery and minimising the impact on the environment.


BridgeFund is an online platform that bridges the gap between the financial interests of entrepreneurs and investors, without any interference from banks. Investors can use the platform to make funds available in exchange for an appealing interest rate, while entrepreneurs can access cash to grow their business without the delays of bureaucracy and mountains of paperwork.

Rise Batch #10 participant BridgeFund
Rise Batch #10 participant CustomerGauge


CustomerGauge is account retention software built to optimise the customer experience for global B2B enterprises. Using in-depth account experience software, CustomerGauge automatically captures and distributes feedback from business accounts, including non-survey data, shares insights with front-line managers in real time and helps to reduce churn, drive up-sells and generate new business with promoter-based referrals.


Dytter combines the crucial human component of healthcare with the industry’s latest technological advancements to ensure every family is able to easily access and book their own affordable home care online. The platform not only makes care more accessible to all, but ensures caregivers are properly rewarded and offered greater control over the providers and agencies they work with.

Rise Batch #10 participant Dytter
Rise Batch #10 participant Hyfen


Hyfen provides various SaaS businesses with a secure and compliant cloud platform that can be leveraged to significantly reduce the time it takes to reach market and to ensure a business’ services meet all relevant rules and regulations. By offering an easily scalable and modular platform, users are able to focus on delivering efficient and unique customer propositions.


Pioneers in molecular diagnostics, Inbiome enables drastically faster bacterial diagnostics and microbiome analysis, in turn unlocking an opportunity to radically accelerate human healthcare. Unlike traditional PCR-based methods, Inbiome’s Molecular Culture technology is not selective, meaning clinicians do not need to decide in advance which bacteria to look for, meaning even unknown, uncultivable or antibiotic-treated bacteria can be easily detected.

Rise Batch #10 participant Inbiome
Rise Batch #10 participant Nanny Nina

Nanny Nina

Using patented AI matching algorithms, Nanny Nina connects families with affordable, reliable and fully-vetted childcare professionals from the business’ own international database. Along with its matching and automated screening features, the app also offers dynamic pricing, insurance and in-app payments, with plans to also scale into pet and elderly care.


By fitting waste bins with Orbisk’s smart camera and scale system, commercial kitchens can reduce food waste by an average of 50%, equating to an average annual saving of €55.000. Once fitted, Orbisk’s dashboard can offer clients automated insights into their food waste down to an ingredient level, while also highlighting peak times and sources of waste, saving businesses thousands and making a big impact in reducing co2 emissions.

Rise Batch #10 participant Orbisk
Rise Batch #10 participant Settly


Built for companies looking to attract and retain international talent, Settly’s digital platform offers a unique relocation and settling-in experience for new team members, granting access to a welcoming community, personal support and bespoke content created by local experts. Along with boosting employee morale, Settly’s relocation service can automate tedious admin usually carried out by HR teams.


Spotr is an AI-powered property intelligence platform helping insurers and real estate owners to digitally inspect buildings at scale to prevent unnecessary site visits, increase insurance coverage or detect specific risks and opportunities by creating a visual twin of every property in a portfolio. Spotr also provides access to a network of experts to quickly implement solutions to the gathered data.

Rise Batch #10 participant Spotr
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