Amsterdam, 10 February – Already ninety promising Dutch scaleups have been groomed for international growth through the Rise program of, a non-profit organisation aimed at accelerating the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands. Starting today, numbers ninety-one through one hundred will be added with the announcement of the 10th Rise batch. These companies follow in the footsteps of successful Rise alumni such as ChannelEngine, Crisp and TestGorilla.

For the Rise program, Techleap selects promising scaleups that generate turnover, can show at least 50% growth, are looking for capital, and want to grow further abroad. The program helps these ambitious companies in this crucial phase of their business by providing them access to an infrastructure in which they can learn and network. Leading experts like Corinne Vigreux from TomTom, Pieter van der Does from Adyen, Adriaan Mol from Mollie, Jitse Groen from Just Eat Takeaway, networks, and other resources help these entrepreneurs in their next step towards international growth.

Successful tech scaleups such as ChannelEngine, Crisp, Fixico, Lepaya, Mapiq, TestGorilla, Sympower and Wonderflow have already benefited from the Rise program. The ten selected ambitious tech companies for Rise batch 10 are AgXeed, Bridgefund, CustomerGauge, Dytter, Nanny Nina, Orbisk, Settly, Spotr, Inbiome and Hyfen.

Tjarda Voorneman, Head of Programs – Rise at Techleap, says: “With our Rise programme we want to advance the new champions of the Dutch tech sector. We are proud of the successes of the previous participating entrepreneurs and hope that they will serve as an example for the next generation.

The companies of Batch 10

The companies selected for Batch 10 of the Rise programme are active in areas such as healthcare, food and energy.

  • AgXeed provides a fully integrated platform that enables advanced farming practices that ensure the cost-effective production of nutritious agricultural products. This is a response to climate change and a solution to the growing scarcity of manual labour.
  • Bridgefund is an online platform that bridges the financial interests of entrepreneurs and investors, without the intervention of banks.
  • CustomerGauge is a provider of customer software. It helps B2B companies improve retention.
  • Dytter is a booking platform that connects healthcare professionals with healthcare organisations.
  • Nanny Nina’s platform offers reliable, affordable (child)care solutions within minutes, both to consumers and companies.
  • Orbisk focuses on measuring and reducing food waste in professional kitchens. Using the Orbisk dashboard, customers are helped to reduce an average of 50% of food waste, saving them tens of thousands of euros per year and having a major impact on reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Settly’s relocation platform helps companies attract, relocate and retain international talent while saving valuable time and boosting employee engagement.
  • The Spotr real estate data platform provides AI-powered insight into real estate portfolios, enabling corporations to save costs, increase rent satisfaction and make the best decisions about their holdings.
  • By enabling diagnosis of any bacterial infection in four hours, Inbiome dramatically improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.
  • Through a secure and compliant cloud platform, Hyfen reduces time-to-market and compliance costs for parties with financial institutions as customers.
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