Health tech takes centre stage in the latest Pole Position programme, with the following ten businesses each handpicked due to their massive potential to revolutionise the sector.

Idris Oncology

Idris Oncology will ensure every cancer patient always receives the right therapy by making it easy to track how the cancer is mutating. By using the WireTrap, a medical wire inserted into the bloodstream through an existing catheter that captures and collects cancer cells over time, Idris Oncology aims to replace painful, unreliable biopsies with a safe and simple procedure that can be used for any diagnostic test.


Using cutting-edge biomarker technology, Leiden-based EXIT071 is developing an industry-shifting method for fast, precise and non-invasive diagnostics, novel therapeutics and biotechnology. By isolating and analysing exosomes – nanoparticles that come directly from cells and are filled with the same molecules as parental cells – EXIT071 is able to form a snapshot of the health of cells and organs and spot potential diseases.

Lapsi Health

Founded by a group of expert digital health entrepreneurs and physicians, Lapsi Health aims to transform the conventional usage of auscultatory sounds in medicine into a digital, data-driven new paradigm that can be used across healthcare, remote care, decentralised clinical trials and other health-related segments.


At a time when collaborative data sharing must meet increasingly restrictive rules and regulations, Linksight offers a way to analyse multiple datasets in a secure, privacy-adhering way. Using advanced cryptographic technology, Linksight allows users to combine data with others, delivering priceless insights without sharing the underlying sensitive information.


MindAffect is a venture from the Donders Institute of Neuroscience of Radboud University, specialising in the application of artificial intelligence, brain computer interface and neuroscience to enhance human communication and neural circuit testing. Using unique patented technology, the team are developing ground-breaking EEG-based diagnostic and communication systems for vision, hearing and brain health which are faster, more accurate and require no patient response for hard-to-test markets like, children, the elderly and the cognitively challenged.


Neurocast’s passive monitoring solution offers a completely unobtrusive way to transform everyday digital interactions, like smartphone use, into medically-approved outcomes that enable doctors and researchers to monitor performances of individual patients in their daily lives, offering valuable medical insights that simply could not be achieved using clinical data alone.


A project from the Radboud University Medical centre, Predica’s CIRNAseq technology enables personalised treatment of cervical and other cancers. The introduction of these tests holds significant benefits for both health insurers, in the prevention of overtreatment with expensive medicines, and for patients, who will receive a rationally chosen treatment with the highest chance of positive response.


Despite chlamydia and gonorrhoea being some of the most prevalent infections in the Netherlands and Europe, current centralised diagnostic techniques for STIs are still restricted by the need to travel to a lab, meaning logistical demands and long wait times. By implementing Rapidemic’s innovative molecular diagnostic device in sexual health clinics and medical practices, patients get access to single-visit testing and immediate, effective treatment administration.


Built to be a physician’s best friend in antibiotic administration, Eindhoven-based ShanX is developing efficiency testing devices that enable evidence-based, personalised antibiotic care. The transformative technology helps prevent the overprescription of antibiotics, reduces infection complications and ultimately combats the public global health issue of antibiotic resistance.


SOVN is committed to helping the millions of adults worldwide who suffer from severe dental issues, jaw pain and headaches caused by teeth grinding and clenching during sleep. The business’ first product is a smart in-ear night guard that relaxes the jaw of the wearer with gentle, soothing vibrations that don’t disrupt sleep, while also providing personalised insights about sleep behaviour.

What is Pole Position?

Techleap’s Pole Position initiative has been created to equip ambitious deeptech entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to significantly impact the Netherlands’ tech landscape. Growing a successful deeptech company brings a set of unique challenges, from long development trajectories and high costs to the complexity of the technology often involved. Through Pole Position, in partnership with Incubators United, seeks to help founders navigate these hurdles, increasing the number of Dutch deeptech startups transitioning into successful scaleups.

The initiative provides a safe, active environment that tackles the specific challenges deeptech ventures face, through tailored sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs and key stakeholders, peer-to-peer learning and the facilitation of high-value connections.

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