Deeptech Startups

The Netherlands is not only famous for tulips and windmills. It also has a thriving startup scene with deeptech startups making significant contributions to the tech industry! From robotics to nanotechnology, these startups are using advanced technology to solve complex problems and disrupt traditional industries. We would like to introduce you to the latest batch of Pole Position participants. Over the next few months, these fast-growing Dutch tech companies will benefit from the Pole Position programme by gaining access to experienced founders, investors, and industry experts who will guide them on their journey towards becoming global leaders. Meet Pole Position Batch #4!


Looking for a cool way to make your warehouse or manufacturing plant more efficient? Accerion is the answer. The “Texture Vision” technology they use is the secret sauce that helps autonomous mobile robots navigate with ease. By using computer vision and cameras to map the texture of the floor, Accerion’s products make it easy for robots to zip around without bumping into anything – and that means better performance, more flexibility, and lower costs for you!

Aircision deeptech startup pole position batch 4 techleap


Aircision is revolutionizing the world of data communication with their lightning-fast, long distance, wireless links that’ll blow your mind! With speeds of up to 100Gbps and deployment in under 6 hours, they’re the most cost-effective solution out there. Plus, they’re a spinoff of the world-renowned Dutch TNO research institute, so you know they are bringing the cutting-edge technology you need to take your data to the next level!

Applied Nanolayers

Applied Nanolayers are making some serious waves with their wafer-scale integration of graphene and 2D materials. They are basically the go-to for multinationals and startups alike when it comes to producing cutting-edge bio-sensors and photonics chips. They are even working on supplying materials to existing semiconductor manufacturers so they can keep up with the demand for graphene.

Applied Nanolayers deeptech startup pole position batch 4 techleap


Carbyon is the fresh and forward-thinking startup you have been waiting for! Their goal? To make direct air capture of CO2 affordable and scalable, helping to capture gigatons of CO2 and mitigate climate change. With a team of 25 brilliant scientists and engineers working tirelessly in Eindhoven, they are developing cutting-edge technology that will change the game and help preserve our planet for generations to come.

Deeptech Startups

We see that Techleap forms a strong coalition with local incubators. This results in a great network that will aim to help deeptech startups successfully surpass the ‘valley of death’ as well as place the Netherlands on the international map when it comes to fast-growing deeptech ecosystems.

Peter Maarten Westerhout, Director Deeptech at Techleap

Newton Energy Solutions

Newton Energy Solutions is not your average energy company – they are on a mission to change the game with their ultra-efficient, affordable, and sustainable thermal energy storage solutions. Made by technology leaders from TNO, their products are ready to be installed in just one hour, making them the perfect solution for anyone looking to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Newton Energy Solutions Pole Position Programme Batch 4 Techleap
Photosynthetic deeptech startup pole position programme batch 4 techleap


Currently, 3D printing has taken the world by storm, but not on a micro-level. Photosynthetic is developing game-changing improvements in microfabrication by creating a new and cost-effective method initially inspired by Computer Tomography. They believe that their technology has the potential to become the fastest and, at the same time, the most reliable 3D printing technology of the future.


Say goodbye to the headaches of plastic recycling – Veridis has got you covered! Their innovative thermal analysis system, powered by patented MADSCAN technology, accurately and consistently determines polymer types and purity in a batch with over 99% accuracy. With Veridis, recyclers and producers can assign the correct grade to their materials and price their products accordingly, standardizing material certification and grading across the industry.

Veridis deeptech startup pole position programme batch 4 techleap
VSPARTICLE deeptech startup pole position programme batch 4 techleap


Last but not least, VSPARTICLE develops technology for producing nanoparticles with precise size and shape control. Their technology can be used in a wide range of applications, including catalysts, sensors, and coatings. The possibilities are endless!

These eight deeptech startups represent the next generation of Dutch innovation. Their cutting-edge technologies have the potential to transform industries and solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We cannot wait to see what they will achieve in the future!

What is Pole Position?

Pole Position is an initiative dedicated to offering the Netherlands’ most ambitious and forward-thinking deeptech entrepreneurs the knowledge and resources they need to scale their business and make a genuine impact.

The lengthy development trajectory, complex technology and high costs usually involved with growing a deeptech company bring a set of unique challenges.

To help founders navigate these hurdles, and increase the number of Dutch deeptech startups transitioning into successful scaleups,, along with partners of Incubators United formed Pole Position as one national deeptech-specific initiative.

Pole Position provides a safe and active environment that addresses the specific challenges Deeptech ventures face, through tailor-made sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs and key stakeholders.

For more information on Pole Position, visit our page.

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