Greentech takes centre stage in the latest Pole Position programme, with the following ten businesses each handpicked due to their massive potential to revolutionise the sector. Meet Pole Position Batch #5!


CarbonX offers a unique battery material that helps counter future graphite shortages linked to rapid growth of Electric Vehicles. Boosting battery performance and reducing carbon footprint at the same time!


CyBe Construction offers 3D concrete printing solutions in the form of software, hardware, material, and education. We believe in offering 3D concrete printing services for clients in every facet of the construction industry, all around the world, to revolutionize the construction sector. Applying our innovations enables free-form design, digitalized and automated building processes, and simplifying the complexity of the highly fragmented construction industry. These innovative solutions will not only have an effect on the construction industry itself, but also society as a whole.


OneThird helps its customers -throughout the fresh supply chain- to make smarter quality and logistics decisions by providing them real-time and predictive shelf-life information of fresh produce. This results in reduction of costs and prevents food waste.


Photanol develops a technology to transform the chemical industry, enabling the circular production of chemicals that are used in various end markets, from plastics to fuels. The technology is based on photosynthesis of optimized cyanobacteria that transform CO2 into chemicals, using sunlight and water.


Introducing the world’s most advanced flywheel energy storage technology, developed by the boeing Company, brought to market by QuinteQ, made in the Netherlands. The QuinteQ flywheel system is the most advanced flywheel energy storage solution in the world. Based on Boeing’s original designs, our compact, lightweight and mobile system is scalable from 100 kW up to several MW and delivers a near endless number of cycles. The system is circular and has a lifetime for over 30 years.


RIFT has the mission to decarbonise industrial heat. We have the goal to reduce the global carbon emissions by 1 Gigaton per year in 2050. We do this by developing and deploying the Iron Fuel Technology, that uses iron powder as a CO2 free, grid independent and circular energy carrier. As such we enable industries to decarbonise which otherwise cannot.


Relement is a Dutch pioneer in the emerging industry of renewable chemistry. We create and produce valuable and special bio-based aromatics from renewable non-edible biomass residues. This results in better aromatics, better end-products and above all: a better world.


SeaQurrent® pioneers an innovative technology that harnesses the power of tidal currents to generate electricity. Thanks to the consistent and predictable nature of tides, this eco-friendly system, the TidalKite™, provides renewable energy around the clock, 365 days a year. It is SeaQurrent’s ambition to make TidalKite™ a mainstream energy solution in the next decade by providing this electricity to potentially millions of homes and businesses around the globe and contribute to a 100% renewable energy future.


Tarnoc develops the Turbine Heat Pump with patented technology. This all-electric high temperature heat pump is the one-to-one replacement for the current gas boilers. Tarnoc offers an affordable and scalable solution to heat existing buildings energy-efficiently and without direct CO2-emissions.


Thorizon develops an innovative molten salt reactor that transforms nuclear waste into carbon-free energy. The Thorizon One generates 100 MW of electricity (enough for ~250k households or one datacenter) or 250 MW of process heat for industrial applications (e.g., chemical industry or hydrogen production). The reactor is inherently safe by design and its patented core based on replaceable cartridges accelerates the time to market.

What is Pole Position?

Techleap’s Pole Position initiative has been created to equip ambitious deeptech entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to significantly impact the Netherlands’ tech landscape. Growing a successful deeptech company brings a set of unique challenges, from long development trajectories and high costs to the complexity of the technology often involved. Through Pole Position, in partnership with Incubators United, seeks to help founders navigate these hurdles, increasing the number of Dutch deeptech startups transitioning into successful scaleups.

The initiative provides a safe, active environment that tackles the specific challenges deeptech ventures face, through tailored sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs and key stakeholders, peer-to-peer learning and the facilitation of high-value connections.

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