It has already been a month since we hit Paris with our Deeptech Life Science & Health startups from our Pole Position Programme. For 3 days and 2 nights we plunged ourselves into the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit to connect Dutch startups and ourselves to an international network of Deeptech investors and other important ecosystem players. Throwback to some key highlights…

Dutch Deeptech at Hello Tomorrow

The Hello Tomorrow conference brought together some of Europe’s most prominent investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists to discuss recent deep technology advances. Our Pole Position and Connector teams presented the top Dutch health tech startups to conference attendees, corporates, and investors. Many of our teams that attended the event developed new technologies that could potentially transform industries and the world as we know it. had its very own booth at the venue to represent the Dutch Deeptech ecosystem and put the spotlight on some amazing early stage Deeptech ventures located in the Netherlands.

A great part of the ecosystem’s success is about the community and its leaders being willing to pass on their knowledge and capital gains to the next generation.

Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy at

Facilitating the transfer of intellectual property’s Special Envoy, Constantijn van Oranje was one of the key speakers on the topic “Building a strong Deeptech Ecosystem” at the opening panel at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit. Together with Andra Keay (IEEE Entrepreneurship), Kerry Baldwin (IQ Capital), Louis Fleuret (La French Tech), and Patrick Rouvillois (Natixis CIB), they sparked the discussion on what is missing in Europe but also highlighted the opportunities to create a stronger European Deeptech ecosystem. Constantijn took the opportunity to draw attention to the latest improvements the universities adopted in the Netherlands to facilitate the transfer of intellectual property to spin-offs by creating standardized deal term principles. Read more about the deal terms by clicking the button below.

Private cooking class in Paris

A highly curated group of top-tier international and national Health and Life Science investors had the amazing opportunity to meet 15 ventures during a special cooking class and dinner, boosted by Koenka & Partners and by our Pole Position Race Captain, Sjaak Vink, serial health entrepreneur himself and CEO of During this event we created meaningful connections between 25 founders of Dutch Deeptech ventures and 15 top notch investors from the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany,  the US and more.

Since Max Verstappen we in The Netherlands know starting from Pole is a team effort as well as a great performance during training and qualification sessions. The passion of the Techleap-team as well as the great performance of the Dutch startups attending in Paris, ensured starting from Pole Position. And what a great race still ahead for these potentially game changing entrepreneurs!

Sjaak Vink, Founder at

Afterparty à la Dutch

We brought 200+ investors and tech founders together in an exclusive bar in the center of Paris. Another opportunity for founders and investors to connect in a more relaxed atmosphere. Everyone spent a great time together, a night to remember! Thank you to everyone who joined the Dutch Deeptech Drinks!

The Deeptech Founder Journey

At the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit we presented the Deeptech Founder Journey and many questions were asked. To give more clarity on the different phases a Deeptech Founder goes through while building his business, we created a short movie to highlight each step. Download the visualization via the button below.

Also on behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank very much for the great evening yesterday and the opportunity you gave us to act as co-host. It has given us a lot of positive responses. The exclusive Healthcare dinner was very relevant for us and fun.

Harm de Vries, General Partner at Innovation Industries

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