Diverse Leaders in Tech, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 30-03-2024 – Diverse Leaders in Tech, originally incubated under the Techleap programme with support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, is proud to announce its official launch as an independent social impact venture. This pivotal move marks a significant step forward in accelerating DEI efforts across European tech companies, leveraging data-driven strategies, community learning, and a robust DEI partner network to scale DEI practices industry-wide.

Diverse Leaders in Tech’s vision for an inclusive European tech landscape

Since its inception within the Techleap initiative, Diverse Leaders in Tech has been at the forefront of championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech sector. The organisation’s transition to a social impact venture embodies a renewed commitment to transforming the European tech ecosystem into a more inclusive and equitable space.

Ingrid Tappin is stepping in as CEO, together with the support of Gillian Tans, who initiated the DEI in Tech Benchmark, and Techleap as Founding Partner. Their combined efforts aim to foster a more data-driven European tech ecosystem, enhance peer-to-peer learning within the community, and establish a DEI partner network dedicated to elevating DEI practices at scale.

Special Envoy of Techleap, Constantijn van Oranje, expressed his support for the venture’s goals: “Diverse Leaders in Tech’s evolution from a Techleap-supported programme to an independent social impact venture is a testament to the pressing need for actionable DEI initiatives in the tech industry. Their work is crucial for creating a more inclusive and diverse technological future in Europe.”

About Diverse Leaders in Tech

Diverse Leaders in Tech is dedicated to supporting European tech companies in their DEI initiatives. With its origins in the Techleap programme funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the organisation has grown into a leading force for DEI in the tech industry. Through data-driven approaches, community learning, and strategic partnerships, Diverse Leaders in Tech aims to make the European tech ecosystem more inclusive and equitable.

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