Meet batch #1 getting ahead of the race with pole position

We are happy to announce the launch of Pole Position – a new, exclusive initiative aimed at facilitating deeptech startups’ growth. The first batch will focus on helping 10 ambitious deeptech companies within the medical field to reach the scaleup growth phase by providing tailored scaling knowledge from experts as well as facilitating peer-to-peer learning between participants.

Bridging the “valley of death”

As previously identified, relatively few Dutch startups grow to become successful scaleups (Dutch Healthtech 2021 Report). While Dutch incubators provide support for deeptech companies in their early growth stages, only a few initiatives in the Netherlands focus on helping deeptech startups successfully transition into a scaleup phase.

Moreover, considering that deeptech companies have a long development trajectory with high costs involved, the current scaling programmes/initiatives tend to be too short and/or too generic to meet the companies’ needs.

This is why together with four incubators – YES!DelftUtrechtIncBraventure, and NovelT have joined their forces under one national deeptech-specific initiative – Pole Position.

Pole Position will provide a safe and active environment for 10 ambitious early-stage deeptech ventures to discuss their growth challenges during tailor-made sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs & key stakeholders. As part of the initiative, founders will also get connected with the right (inter)national stakeholders that will help them scale faster and more efficiently.

Pole Position Batch #1 participants

Meet the selected companies:

Flux is a fully integrated Health Management System that brings together everything that is necessary to exchange healthcare data, setup, and run a healthcare practise or clinic the way you want from anywhere. With insightful overviews and flexible tools, Flux allows designing specific patient care pathways, categorising patient populations and tracking outstanding tasks.


CART-Tech develops cutting-edge technologies to transform cardiovascular procedures. Their mission is to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of patients with heart failure. The company’s lead product is represented by CARTBox, which allows for image-guided CRT implantation.


Augmedit is an emerging medical software company that develops augmented reality (AR) tools through which surgeons can create their own patient’s holograms with a few mouse clicks. This holographic experience accelerates the insight of surgeons that will improve the preoperative and operative care of the patient, since 1 hologram is worth 1000 scans.


Nostics was founded in 2020 with one goal: to offer new ways of instantly detecting diseases and infections in patients. By applying nanotechnology, photonics, and machine learning, the company brings a new type of diagnostics to the world. Their mission is to allow people to get tested on multiple diseases, quickly, at any location, and at acceptable prices.


Aiosyn develops AI software solutions aimed at pathologists for clinical diagnostics that reduce workflow inefficiencies. This is achieved by streamlining the process of pathological examination, and improving its overall quality while reducing its cost.  Therefore, the company is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in pathology diagnostics and improve the chances of cancer patients worldwide.

SLAM Orthopedic

SLAM Orthopedic is a medical device company that develops technology for orthopedic surgery, specifically fracture care using metal screws and plates. The company has developed DrillScout, a sensor technology that supports orthopedic surgeons performing surgery on fractured bones. The sensor is an add-on that can work on any existing drill machine and it automatically calculates the correct screw length needed to fixate these fractures. Surgeons currently do this by hand 6 to 20 times during one procedure, with a device that often gives the wrong measurement. This leads to patient risk, implant waste, and costing expensive or time.

Praxa Sense

Praxa Sense provides remote health monitoring solutions without increasing the workload of clinical analysts. One of the company’s core solutions is called Afi, a remote health monitoring device that uses sensors to collect data of vital parameters. With Afi, the company develops robust machine learning algorithms that automatically detect clinical disorders at home to unburden healthcare professionals.


Scinvivo is a med-tech company dedicated to improving bladder cancer diagnostics. Scinvivo believes that diagnostics can be improved with new imaging technologies. Therefore, Scinvivo develops an imaging catheter that allows the urologist to visualise the bladder wall structure, and this way improves the diagnosis. This leads to less unnecessary surgeries and improved quality of life for patients.


ArthroSave is a company that has its roots in the University Medical Center Utrecht. It offers a unique solution for patients with severe knee osteoarthritis that are too young for a total knee replacement (TKR). With their custom solution – KneeReviver – the damaged knee joint will be unloaded for six weeks. This results in regeneration of the knee joint and therefore the patient’s pain is reduced and their mobility is improved. Subsequently, it allows the TKR to be postponed for 8-10 more years.


STENTiT is a medical device company bringing a novel class of regenerative endovascular implants for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The company has developed a technological platform to produce regenerative stents, which can be used to treat artery diseases. The treatment is done by triggering vascular regeneration using the patient’s circulating blood cells.

Pole Position Initiative

Pole Position is an initiative for ambitious deeptech entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. In a safe environment, founders of early-stage deeptech startups discuss their growth challenges during tailor-made sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs.

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