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After five successful Pole Position batches, we are thrilled to announce the latest cohort of groundbreaking ventures selected for the Pole Position programme! These ambitious ventures are poised to revolutionise life sciences and health, enhancing lives globally.

From tackling hand tremors and advancing cancer treatment to offering personalized skin therapies and hormone-free contraception, each venture in this cohort brings forth cutting-edge technological solutions to address critical health challenges.

ATRO Medical

ATRO Medical, a Sports-Medicine startup, addresses chronic knee pain in patients who have undergone meniscus removal. Their solution, the Artimis Meniscus Prosthesis, mimics the natural meniscus to restore its function, alleviating pain and improving quality of life for affected individuals.

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Pole Position Batch #6 company image Choice B.V.

Choice B.V.

Choice B.V. is pioneering a hormone-free contraception method with a medical implant. This implant is a rice-grain-sized tube, equipped with a built-in valve, is inserted into the fallopian tubes without surgery. Women have the option to control the valve, enabling them to decide whether to conceive or prevent pregnancy.


Digi.Bio is accelerating the development of life saving cell therapies with a lab-on-a-chip and computational platform that analyses how cell therapies perform and evaluate their outcome down to the single cell level, delivering high content results in 24 hours and with minimal material waste.

Pole Position Batch #6 company image Digi Bio
Pole Position Batch #6 company image INcoMET


IMcoMET leads dermatological innovation with their M-Duo Technology®, which enables personalised treatments for skin conditions such as melanoma, eczema, and psoriasis. By utilising biomarker insights, they empower dermatologists to tailor therapies, aiming to elevate care standards, decrease healthcare expenses, and enhance global quality of life through precision medicine.

Loop Robots

Loop Robots, a Delft-based company specialising in mobile service robots, addresses pressing issues like hospital-acquired infections, which claim 72,000 lives annually in the US alone, costing over $45 billion per year. They offer affordable robots equipped with intelligent algorithms to automate hospital-grade disinfection processes, aiming to enhance efficiency, safety, and digital traceability while reducing chemical usage.

Pole Position Batch #6 company image of Loop Robots


Sensible has developed an innovative method for manufacturing continuous biosensors at significantly reduced costs compared to existing options. Their objective is to bring this technology to market, making essential biosensors, like continuous glucose monitors, more affordable for millions worldwide. By offering these devices for 20-30 euros per month, compared to the current price exceeding 130 euros, Sensible aims to improve the quality and length of life for a vast number of individuals.


Sensius specialises in Thermotherapy, a cancer treatment method that elevates tumour temperatures to fever levels, enhancing clinical outcomes and quality of life. Their approach, used alongside radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, is non-toxic and improves both treatment efficacy and patient well-being. Their patented technology ensures precise heat control, integrates seamlessly with existing treatment workflows, and offers economic benefits for clinics.

Pole Position Batch #6 company image Sensius
Pole Position Batch #6 company image Spatium Medical

Spatium Medical

Spatium Medical is an innovative spin-off from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, specialising in developing next-generation insufflation technology. Their focus is on improving laparoscopic procedures, where the abdomen is insufflated to create space for surgeons. Spatium Medical aims to minimise patient burden by offering low-pressure insufflation while ensuring a stable workspace for surgical tasks without compromising outcomes. Their next-generation insufflator utilises turbine technology and oscillation technology, enabling personalised pressure selection for optimal surgical performance.


STIL is addressing a prevalent and overlooked issue affecting millions worldwide – tremors. Their innovative medical device, the STIL Orthosis, offers hope to those with conditions like Parkinson’s Disease by stabilising trembling hands and restoring a sense of normalcy to daily activities.

Pole Position Batch #6 company image STIL

What is Pole Position?

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Starting a Deeptech company is challenging. Developing complex technology, operating in a complicated ecosystem, accessing the market, raising money ahead of traction and keeping up yours and your team’s spirit requires a high level of ambition, vision, focus and endurance.

To make sure breakthrough technologies make it through the ‘valley of death’ and find success, Techleap designed Pole Position. This flagship programme is for entrepreneurs and c-suite executives looking to level up with peers and access insights from seasoned founders that are ahead of the curve.

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