We’re thrilled to announce the latest batch of Pole Position participants, each of which has been selected due to its towering potential in the Agri and Food sectors.

Agritech Foodtech Startups


Weed control is one of the biggest challenges organic farmers face. The manual nature that has traditionally been required of the task makes it costly and time-consuming. Trabotyx’s robot automates this process, vastly reducing the need for outside labour. Multiple weeding implements and a modular wheelbase make the robot suitable for fields of all shapes and sizes, allowing farmers to weed with incredible precision and ensure high-quality soil for crops to flourish.

NoPalm Ingredients

NoPalm Ingredients is committed to fighting the irreversible damage caused by the palm oil industry. By using environmentally-friendly methods to ferment sidestreams like potato peels, rejected vegetables and brewers’ spent grain into microbial oil, the business provides a sustainable alternative that protects forests, wildlife and local populations, and reduces carbon emissions.

Agritech and Foodtech Startups
Agritech and Foodtech Startups


GlowFarms is disrupting global food production by cultivating the best possible produce in terms of sustainability, quality and pricing. By utilising unique vertical farming technology, the company is able to grow food 365 days a year using less water, less land and zero pesticides, meaning minimal impact on the environment, but maximum impact on food supply chains all over the world.


Using cutting-edge laser beam technology, InPhocal has developed a sustainable and waste-free method for the marking of food and food packaging. Traditionally, brands rely on inkjet printing for product labels and branding, requiring millions upon millions of litres of ink every year—InPhocal’s advanced laser system removes the printing industry’s reliance on ink entirely.

Agritech and Foodtech Startups
Agritech and Foodtech Startups

Scope Biosciences

Scope Biosciences is revolutionising how we detect infectious diseases with applications across the Healthcare, Veterinary and Agri-Food sectors. By using the company’s groundbreaking CRISPR-Cas biotech diagnostic technology, laboratory-quality results are available in less than 30 minutes, with detection capabilities right down to the single nucleotide.

SG Papertronics

Streamlining the scientific testing process, SG Papertronics aims to democratise wet chemical labs through a portable and accurate ‘lab-in-a-box’ concept, eliminating the need for a specialised lab and technician. Using a patented concentrator, any untrained user can prepare their own sample and receive results within 15 minutes. This technology can solve a number of agri-related challenges, such as on-site pathogen detection, soil mineral evaluation, reducing waste in plant protection chemicals, precise dosing of fertilisers and regular monitoring of pathogen presence.

Agritech and Foodtech Startups
Agritech and Foodtech Startups


Driven by a desire for a greener and cleaner world, AddCat uses innovative 3D-printed catalytic metal reactor technology to tackle harmful and malodorous industrial emissions such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides, aerosols and volatile organic compounds, along with planet-damaging greenhouse gases like methane. Founded in 2019, the business has taken significant steps toward creating a healthy environment in which industry, agriculture, and citizens can coexist in good health.

AgriData Innovations

Reimagining horticulture for the 4th industrial revolution, AgriData Innovations turns to applied engineering and biological insights to optimise and supercharge greenhouse crop production. Through an integrated, data-driven solution, greenhouse owners can monitor, collect and process valuable data about their crops, gaining insights to increase yields and quality, while reducing operational costs.

What is Pole Position?

Pole Position is an initiative dedicated to offering the Netherlands’ most ambitious and forward-thinking deeptech entrepreneurs the knowledge and resources they need to scale their business and make a genuine impact.

The lengthy development trajectory, complex technology and high costs usually involved with growing a deeptech company bring a set of unique challenges.

To help founders navigate these hurdles, and increase the number of Dutch deeptech startups transitioning into successful scaleups, Techleap.nl, along with partners of Incubators United formed Pole Position as one national deeptech-specific initiative.

Pole Position provides a safe and active environment that addresses the specific challenges Deeptech ventures face, through tailor-made sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs and key stakeholders.

For more information on Pole Position, visit our page.

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